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Mar 5 2019

Cross-check – definition of cross-check by The Free Dictionary




He must, though, have expected some retribution after a cross-check from behind on Pelle which could have caused injury.

The cross-check procedures have been carried out and Welsh Assembly Government officials are resolving queries with farmers and processing payments as a matter of urgency.

Baty, 58, of Fairney Edge, Ponteland, was caught out by a routine cross-check. magistrates at Bedlington Law Courts were told.

4 million was to be repaid for cotton subsidies, where Athens failed to cross-check production aid and did not penalise errors; and Euro 30.

The public-assistance fraud task force will develop an interagency database to cross-check and find repeat offenders, and alert the District Attorney’s Office and other county departments, including Children and Family Services and Child Support Services.

The researchers used a method known as uranium-thorium dating to cross-check the carbon-dating estimate of the calcite layer’s age.

To improve tracking of plan assets, the IRS intends to cross-check the information it receives from a DFE with the information reported by participating plans.

Each followed a slightly different pattern of (alas) less-than-literal transcription, but systematic comparison of them acts as a cross-check and can provide supplementary details.

If the driver’s license address is not on the application, write it down so you can later cross-check it with the addresses listed on the housing and credit reports.

The scientist used field verification and aerial photography to cross-check the data, and the resulting confidence level in the accuracy of his results in 95 percent or better.

3rd Mooney cross-check by the IISRP-ES-TC, 1986 (International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers – European Section – Technical Committee) with 11 participants from Europe.


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